Can I Improve My Double Chin and Turkey Neck Without Surgery?

Could a new nonsurgical neck lift procedure work for you?

improve turkey neck and double chin without surgery Sacramento

Anyone who has ever felt the urge to wear a turtleneck sweater on a warm day knows how embarrassing it can be to have loose neck skin. Some refer to it as a “turkey neck.” Furthermore, a little extra fat on the neck can produce a “double chin,” which can make a person just as self-conscious.  New nonsurgical facelift and neck lift technology can allow you to quickly and easily get rid of a turkey neck without surgery.  Without injections, the same technique can fix a double chin without surgery as well.

Editor’s Note:  Dr. Arnold Almonte is a talented, board-certified plastic surgeon in the Sacramento, California area. He focuses entirely on facial and neck rejuvenation procedures. Due to this, has an outstanding level of experience and receives high marks from patients for helping them get the younger looking face and neck they want.

For years, the only way to effectively deal with a double chin was liposuction in conjunction with a facelift. And a neck lift was the only way to eliminate a troublesome “turkey neck.” Both procedures produce excellent results. But now there’s a new way to substantially improve the neck and even the lower face and get rid of a double chin and turkey neck without surgery. With little downtime, patients can often resume their regular activities after just 5-7 days.

This new, less-invasive procedure is called the Precision TX Laser Face Lift. It uses a precisely guided laser to melt fat and stimulate collagen production. This can substantially improve a turkey neck and eliminate the double chin without surgery. With a high safety profile, a Laser Face Lift takes about an hour, rendering excellent, natural results at a lower cost.  This nonsurgical neck lift can eliminate a double chin and fix a turkey neck without surgery.  It produces significantly less bruising and downtime than a surgical face or neck lift.

How It Works

Precision TX nonsurgical neck lift uses fiber optics to deliver a highly accurate laser treatment to the areas you want to improve. Your surgeon will numb your jaw and neck with a local anesthetic, a much safer alternative to general anesthesia or IV sedation. He or she will then make small incisions behind each earlobe and another under your chin. These allows your surgeon to pass the laser device under the skin and guide the laser beam to the exact locations to be treated. The openings also allow drainage of the liquefied fat.

Melting and removing the fat under your chin will eliminate your double chin without surgery.  The doctor will now keep the laser under the skin and turn the Portrait of against grey backgroundbeam a full 180 degrees to target its undersurface. This heats the skin and stimulates collagen production. Collagen is a protein that acts as scaffolding for building body tissues like skin, muscle and bone. As you age, your body’s collagen production steadily decreases. UV light further damages collagen. This results in loose, sagging and wrinkled skin.

Heating the undersurface of the jaw and neck skin causes thermal injury, which in turn reinvigorates collagen production in those areas.  This kicks the skin tightening effect into high gear. It will continue for 4-6 months. Thus, even months after a Precision TX treatment, your skin will continue to show signs of tightening. The effect is similar to the natural-looking surgical facelift, which is why at The Almonte Center, we often refer to this as a Laser Face Lift.

Can this nonsurgical neck lift fix my turkey neck and double chin without surgery if I’m older than 65?

Before Precision TX nonsurgical necklift to fix turkey neck and double chin without surgery by Dr. Arnold Almonte, plastic surgeon, Sacramento CaliforniaMore Americans are living longer, and healthier longer. Today, 70 is the new 50; 60 is the new 40. People frequently feel young and vital into their seventies. They often want to look as young as they feel, even if they’re well into retirement. Can a Laser Face Lift help them?

One 71 year old woman came to me for help. She had a lot of loose skin that was making her look considerably older than she felt. Because older skin typically requires a surgical solution, I suggested a facelift. She declined the bigger surgery. Instead, she chose a Precision TX Laser Face Lift. The result was amazing, and beyond both of our expectations. Her skin tightened, her neck became more youthful, and she now looks terrific!! We were truly able to get rid of her turkey neck without surgery. I was very pleased and she was very happy!

After Precision TX nonsurgical neck lift to fix turkey neck and double chin without surgery by Dr. Arnold Almonte, plastic surgeon, Sacramento, CaliforniaOf course, the condition of everyone’s facial skin and musculature is different. A treatment that works for one may not be appropriate for another. A skilled, experienced and open-minded facial plastic surgeon can tell you if a Laser Face Lift would be a good option for you. This cost is often less than half the price of a traditional face lift.

You can get rid of a double chin or turkey neck without surgery.  Why not make an appointment with a doctor in your area who offers Precision TX and see if a nonsurgical neck lift will work for you?

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