A FREE Facial Rejuvenation Consultation…in the Privacy of Your Home

Dr. Ritu Malhotra, of Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the nation’s most experienced board certified facial plastic surgeons. In just under two decades she has performed nearly 4,000 facial plastic surgical procedures. Her special combination of charisma, passion, and confidence has won her multiple recognition awards for superior ratings in patient satisfaction.  

When I was performing surgery, I knew there had to be a better way. Now, you can get amazing results without surgery.”  Dr. Ritu Malhotra

Botox B&A nasolabialToday, you can look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. The selection of cosmetic options normally reserved for  New York and Hollywood, is available here, without the high cost and pain of surgery.  It is a new age, rediscover your beauty…get back to the you…you used to know without surgery!

A FREE Facial Rejuvenation Consultation…in the Privacy of Your Home

Using the two tables, the CONSULTATION TABLE and the OPTIONS COMPARISION TABLE  you can give yourself a FREE cosmetic consultation.

After you are done, you will a have good idea of:

  1. Which problem areas you would like to address
  2. What your treatment options are
  3. What treatment options are best for you, and
  4. What the cost will be (at the Enhanced Image Center in Cleveland, OH)

Keep a pen and paper handy to jot down your findings and questions.


Here is how it works:

  • First go to the CONSULTATION TABLE. Here you can identify the specific problem areas and what your treatment options are.
  • The list that runs down the left side of the table are problem areas found in the face. They are listed in order beginning at the top of your face, and move from the forehead down to the neck.
  • Select an problem area that you would like to address (i.e. Frown lines)
  • Go down to Frown lines and look across at the boxes to the right of Frown lines and you can see the treatment options. (Frown lines have two treatment options, Botox and Fillers.)
  • Now, armed with the treatment options (Botox and Fillers) go to the OPTIONS COMPARISION TABLE.

Consultation Table


  • The OPTIONS COMPARISION TABLE allows you to compare the treatment options so you can choose the one that is right for you and it gives you an idea of costs.
  • Look under the Options heading and find Botox and as you look at each box to the right of Botox you will find the: 1. Results in, 2. Downtime, 3. Invasiveness, 4. Cost, and 5. Duration.
  • Now find Fillers under the Options heading and look at the boxes to the right and you can compare the Results in, Downtime, Invasiveness, Costs* and Duration with Botox and see which option is best for you and what the costs will be.
  • Now go back to the CONSULTATION TABLE and pick another problem area and repeat the process.

Options Comparison Table

Hopefully, this was an educational experience. Following the in-home Facial Cosmetic Consultation is the perfect preparatory procedure to get the most out of a consultation with a doctor.

Editor’s Note:  Costs cited are for the Enhanced Image Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  Your actual costs may vary based on your location and the physician you choose.

About Dr. Ritu Malhotra, MD

Dr. Ritu Malhotra is one of the nation's most experienced board certified facial plastic surgeons. In just under two decades she has performed nearly ( read more )

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A FREE Facial Rejuvenation Consultation…in the Privacy of Your Home

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