Renuvion / J-Plasma Skin Resurfacing: Could Getting a Younger-Looking Face Be Like a Day at the Beach?

Could plasma technology replace laser skin resurfacing?

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Before & After Renuvion/J-Plasma facial resurfacing by Dr. Arnold Almonte

A new technology, Renuvion/J-Plasma skin resurfacing, has shown great potential to help people look years younger with far less pain and downtime than laser treatments or surgery.  Could it be an easier, more reliable way to get the look you want?  Could facial rejuvenation using plasma technology replace laser skin resurfacing?

Editor’s Note: Dr. Arnold Almonte is a gifted, board certified plastic surgeon. He is one of the only surgeons in Sacramento, CA that has dedicated 100% of his practice to cosmetic surgery of the face. He has performed over 2,500 facial plastic surgeries using local anesthesia, the safest option available.

Many would love to have a younger-looking, more attractive face.  After all, both scientific research and personal experience often show that those with attractive faces:

  • Are treated better by strangers and acquaintances alike
  • Make better first impressions
  • Have better job prospects
  • Make more money

Despite all these advantages, some hesitate to have a procedure to rejuvenate their face because they’re concerned about the pain and downtime involved.  It is true that highly effective surgical procedures and laser treatments do cause enough discomfort to require a few days of pain medication.  The recovery period (downtime) can last from one to several weeks, depending on the procedure.  Fortunately, a new, much more comfortable treatment is achieving great results.

Renuvion/J – Plasma Skin Resurfacing

This exciting new therapy employs a technology used for safe, highly precise surgical procedures with minimal tissue damage.  In some clinical studies it killed both bacteria and cancer cells.  It’s called Cool Helium Plasma skin regeneration.  At The Almonte Center, we call the procedure that uses it J-Plasma Facial Rejuvenation.

Plasma is an electrically charged gas.  It is commonly used in high definition plasma televisions, fluorescent lights and neon signs.  The cool helium technology allows the plasma skin rejuvenation device to operate at temperatures that are 75% lower than lasers commonly used for skin resurfacing.  Plasma skin regeneration effectively exfoliates and renews facial skin while dramatically reducing the risk of tissue damage or hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and hypopigmentation (light spots) that lasers can create.

Better results than laser or micro-needling

Laser skin resurfacing has been the standard treatment to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles and rough or bumpy skin.  But, as mentioned above, it can cause significant discomfort and, in some cases, skin discoloration (light or dark spots).  Micro-needling is a popular treatment that gets great results with much less discomfort.  However, it can only effectively help patients whose aging is less extensive than those who require laser resurfacing.

Cool Helium Plasma (CHP) skin regeneration helps patients who need the stronger results of laser resurfacing treatments but want the kind of reduced pain and downtime seen in micro-needling.  It effectively “wipes away the years” with much less discomfort than laser treatment.  In fact, during the healing process patients have reddened faces that look like they spent a day at the beach.

How Renuvion/ J-Plasma Facial Rejuvenation works

Patients with rough, leathery or wrinkled skin can often benefit from J-Plasma Facial Rejuvenation.  Depending on your needs, your doctor will make one, two or three passes with the plasma skin regeneration device.  You’ll only need a local anesthetic during the procedure, which will take no more than about 30 minutes.

As the carefully controlled plasma comes in contact with your skin, it will dissolve the age-damaged upper layers without harming the lower layers.  Your skin will respond by producing more collagen, the healthy skin building block typically reduced with age.  Your doctor will literally wipe away the old skin. Afterward he or she will apply a moisturizer to your face and a protective silicone mask.

Happy couple having fun on beachLater, your face will be red for a few weeks as if sunburned.  Your friends and colleagues may think you stayed too long at the beach.  In two weeks, the redness will fade to the point that makeup will hide it.

But as the redness fades, a younger, more attractive face will become more and more apparent.  The increased levels of collagen stimulated by this treatment will naturally tighten your skin.  You’ll look better, but people won’t necessarily know why.

Could Cool Helium Plasma skin regeneration be the solution to an aging face you’ve been looking for?  Will it work better for you than laser skin resurfacing or microneedling?  An experienced facial plastic surgeon that is thoroughly trained in this new treatment can help you find out for yourself.

3-step before and after plasma skin resurfacing by Dr. Arnold Almonte, plastic surgeon, Sacramento California

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