How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost? – by expert Cleveland Facial Plastic Surgeon

Before & After laser-assisted facelift, neck lift, full face laser resurfacing by Dr. Ritu Malhotra, facial plastic surgeon Cleveland, OH
Laser-Assisted Facelift and Neck Lift by Dr. Ritu Malhotra, Cleveland, OH

Many people want to enjoy the advantages of looking younger and more attractive.  That’s true in Cleveland, my hometown, and across the globe.  The proven benefits include improved acceptance in social situations and at work, making better first impressions, greater attractiveness to the opposite sex, increased self-esteem and more confidence.  Research by HR experts has even revealed that if you look better you’re more likely to get hired, enjoy more promotions and earn a higher income.  But like many you may wonder, “How much does plastic surgery cost?  Can I afford a procedure?”

Editor’s Note:  Dr. Ritu Malhotra of Cleveland, Ohio is one of America’s most experienced facial plastic surgeons.  She has performed nearly 4,000 facial plastic surgery procedures in her career. 

Looking younger and more attractive is affordable

Before & After upper and lower blepharoplasty eyelid surgery by Dr. Ritu Malhotra, facial plastic surgeon, Cleveland, OHMost of us grew up thinking that improving your appearance with plastic surgery was only for movie stars or the rich. But a cosmetic surgery procedure to improve your face and neck doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg!

In order to get the desired look at an affordable price, some believe one has to travel overseas.  Many have lived to regret that decision (see “Plastic Surgery Abroad – Cost Savings at What Cost?” and “Cosmetic Surgery Overseas – What are the Risks?” on this website).

In reality, you can get excellent results at affordable prices from a board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon right here in the United States.  You just have to know what factors can inflate or cut down costs without cutting corners on excellent medical care.

Location can influence plastic surgery cost

Even within the United States, location has a real influence on cosmetic surgery costs.  For instance, Forbes magazine reported that New York City has the 4th most expensive office space on earth.  San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston also made the list of the world’s 20 most expensive cities.  Some excellent plastic surgeons work in these locations.  But if your doctor must pay a premium for their office space, you should expect to pay more.

Here in Cleveland, along with some other cities in the Midwest and elsewhere, nonsurgical cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery costs are often lower.  And, unlike many foreign countries that sponsor “cosmetic surgery tourism,” we have excellent, clean facilities, high standards of care and strict patient protection laws.

Local anesthesia saves money

Before laser-assisted facelift+neck lift, full face laser resurfacing by Dr. Ritu Malhotra ClevelandPlastic surgery can be performed in a doctor’s office or at the hospital.  Doing it in the office can save money.  That is particularly true if your surgeon is experienced in performing facial rejuvenation procedures under local anesthesia with oral sedation, as are my colleagues and I on LookYounger.News.

General anesthesia can really add to your costs.  Hospitals often charge much more for medication than what you’d pay at the pharmacy.  For instance, you’d never willingly pay $30-$60 per tablet for Tylenol, but that’s what many hospitals charge.  Blanket medication fees often include much higher costs for analgesics and other medications than you’d pay at the pharmacy.

At the Enhanced Image Center in Cleveland, I write each patient a prescription for the “comfort cocktail” they’ll need before and after their procedures.  That way, they’ll pay the best rates they can get at their local pharmacies.  In addition, I use the local anesthetic Lidocaine, which your dentist and dermatologist likely also use.  This is both safer and less expensive than general anesthesia or I.V. sedation.

After laser-assisted facelift+neck lift, full face laser resurfacing by Dr. Ritu Malhotra Cleveland, OhioWhile a number of plastic surgeons prefer general anesthesia, it must be administered by a licensed anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist.  Naturally, having another medical professional involved costs more than methods that don’t require their involvement.

In addition, the facility fee that patients pay is often considerably higher at the hospital.  Hospitals charge substantial amounts in 30-minute blocks of time.  So, if your stay in the Operating or Recovery Room goes just a minute or two past the next 30 minute mark, you pay for the whole half hour – a significant cost.

What, actually, does facial plastic surgery cost?

Naturally, the actual cost you will pay varies from location to location and from surgeon to surgeon.  You should never choose a plastic or facial plastic surgeon based on price alone.  It’s wise to get the best surgeon you can at the best price you can.  You may be surprised at how affordable an experienced board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon can be.  Here are some costs taken from RealSelf along with what we charge at the Enhanced Image Center in Cleveland.

how much does plastic surgery cost graph

You can get the naturally younger, attractive new look you want at a price you can afford – from a skilled, experienced surgeon here in America.  You may need to do some homework, but getting a great new look that fits your budget is well worth the effort.

Editor’s Note:  When calculating the price of facial plastic surgery, it is wise to include any travel and accommodations costs needed both for the procedure and follow-up care.  When these are added in, a skilled plastic or facial plastic surgeon nearby may cost less than one that is further away.  That is particularly true if you’re considering traveling overseas.

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