Rhinoplasty: Getting the Right Nose Job for You

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Before and After Rhinoplasty by Dr. Brian Machida

Thinking about improving your appearance with a rhinoplasty, or nose job?  You’re not alone.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that every year some 220,000 Americans have a rhinoplasty procedure.  Inland Empire California, where I practice, sees many nose jobs performed each year.  It only makes sense.  It’s hard to look at yourself in the mirror and miss your nose.  Those you meet see it immediately.  After all, it’s prominently located in the center of your face.  Research finds that people who look better feel better about themselves.  That translates into greater happiness and a better social life.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Brian Machida is a highly experienced facial plastic surgeon.  He has performed some 4,000 facial plastic surgery procedures, an outstanding level of experience.  Dr. Machida taught facial plastic surgery for years at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine.

A better facial appearance can also pay big economic dividends.  Cornell University’s Cornell HR Review summed up years of studies on the connection between good looks and job success, stating:

Attractive individuals will receive more job offers, better advancement opportunities, and higher salaries than their less attractive peers – despite numerous findings that they are no more intelligent or capable.

With all this, it’s easy to understand why people who aren’t satisfied with the appearance of their nose often consider a rhinoplasty procedure.  The key, though, is getting the right nose job for you.

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Why choose a facial plastic surgeon for your nose job?

The law allows any licensed physician to advertise themselves as a “cosmetic surgeon.”  Granted, graduating from medical school and passing a state licensing exam requires extensive knowledge.  But not every doctor who calls themselves a cosmetic surgeon has the training and experience you need to perform the high-quality, natural looking rhinoplasty you want.

Plastic surgeons, for instance, complete at least a 3-year residency program in general surgery followed by a 3-year plastic surgery program.  They become experienced in performing plastic surgery on all parts of the body.

Facial plastic surgeons focus solely on the face and neck.  Many first complete a residency program in Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat).  This gives them greater knowledge of the anatomy of the nose.  Then they go on to complete fellowship programs, first in Head and Neck Surgery and then in Facial Plastic Surgery.  Many go on to achieve board certification in both Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery.  With all this training and hands-on surgical experience focused on the nose, face and neck, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon is in a terrific position to provide you with the great-looking, natural nose job you want.

When you meet with your surgeon, ask how many rhinoplasty procedures they have performed.  Ask to see Before and After pictures of the nose jobs they’ve done.  This will give you a good idea of their results.

Nose Job Inland Empire, Rhinoplasty Inland Empire, Dr. Brian Machida, Before and After
Before and After rhinoplasty by Dr. Brian Machida

 The natural rhinoplasty you want        CONTACT Dr. Machida Inland Empire, CA 

Most people want a nose that looks natural, but better than the one they have now.  Few want a nose that looks artificial.  So, the first thing I do with my rhinoplasty patients is to learn about their goals.  It’s important to have realistic expectations of what your nose job will look like afterwards.  The best-looking nose blends in well with the rest of your face.

If your nose only needs minor adjustments, we can use a “closed rhinoplasty,” where all incisions are inside your nostrils.  That will mean no visible scarring, which is great.  If your nose requires more than minor adjustments, you’ll need an “open rhinoplasty,” where an incision is made on the bottom of your nose between your two nostrils.  A highly experienced facial plastic or plastic surgeon can minimize scarring.  That will make the scar barely visible or invisible.

Improving your nose’s specific issues

A major advantage that comes with many years of experience is in the ability to customize your nose job so that it works particularly well with your face.  Here are some examples:

Nasal hump:  If you have a “hook nose” or a nasal hump, you might wonder if it’s too difficult to fix.  It’s not.  However, more is involved than just shaving off the hump.  Cutting off a large hump with an osteotome often leaves an “open roof” in the bone.  This would leave your nose with an area that has no bone support – not a good solution.    A better method is to remove the hump and then make precise cuts in the inside of the bones on either side.  Then we can join the two halves of the bone together to form a new, closed and straight nasal bone.

Nose job Inland Empire, Rhinoplasty Inland Empire

If the tip of your nose droops, we’ll need to prop it up.  This involves changing the angle of the cartilage at the tip.  Depending on the cause, we could treat this by shaving off excess cartilage that makes your nasal tip appear to droop.  We might perform a tip lift by suturing the lower lateral cartilages.  Or we could increase support for your nasal tip with a columella strut, supporting the bottom of the area between your two nostrils.

Low nose:  Some people’s noses have bridges that are too low.  One effective way to treat this is with a silicone nasal implant.  These have been used for years and are generally quite safe if implanted properly.  This is definitely an area where experience matters.  If the surgeon makes the pocket for placing the implant too big, the implant can “wander.”  That would create an unsatisfactory result.  However, board certified facial plastic surgeons can place the implant in a way that keeps it in place.

You get the nose you pay for

It’s certainly easy to pay too much for a rhinoplasty procedure in Inland Empire or anywhere else.  Understandably, most would like to avoid that.  It is also possible to find a highly qualified and experienced facial plastic surgeon whose fee for an outstanding nose job is quite reasonable.  However, paying too little for your rhinoplasty by using a less experienced, less qualified surgeon can leave you with very unsatisfactory results.

You only have one nose.  Make sure your surgery turns out the way you want by working with a qualified board-certified facial plastic or plastic surgeon.  If you’re in Inland Empire, California, you can find me at STC Plastic Surgery in Ontario.

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