Turn Back Time with Laser Treatments A to Z

Dr. Ritu Malhotra, of Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the nation’s most experienced board certified facial plastic surgeons. In just under two decades she has performed nearly 4,000 facial plastic surgical procedures. Her special combination of charisma, passion, and confidence has won her multiple recognition awards for superior ratings in patient satisfaction.

Throw away the creams and get real results with Laser Treatments A to Z—what you need to know….

Rosacea Before

First, today numerous over the counter creams and lotions are available to get rid of acne, brown spots, pores and stretch marks. Many prescription creams and gels to improve Rosacea, collagen and wrinkles.  But they are not as effective as they claim.

Next, often laser treatments sound confusing. Some places have one machine—generally an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) that claims to be able to do just about everything from hair removal to photo rejuvenation but doesn’t do anything well and therefore, requires numerous treatments.

It is more effective to have many different lasers with very precise wavelengths to target specific cells or parts of the cells or layers of skin to achieve the best possible result.  At the Enhanced Image Center we have accomplished just that…

Rosacea – After Laser Treatment

Last, we have brought together the “best in their field” specialty lasers to achieve the most desirable cosmetic results at affordable prices during convenient appointment hours. The following listing is meant to demystify laser treatments and tell you what you need to know.

A:  Acne: Laser acne treatment not only gets rid of active acne but prevents future outbreaks and treats acne scars.  Candela’s V Beam Vascular pump dye laser. $275. No downtime.  Iridex Erbium laser peels. $275 and up. Minimal downtime.

B:  Brown Spots: Laser brown spot treatment works on the affected cells that produce melanin in excess, therefore treating the root cause and eradicating the problem for a lifetime.  Candela’s Gentlelase Alexandrite laser. $275. No downtime.

Bruises: Laser Bruise treatment performed within 48 hrs of a bruise shortens the time of resolution.  Candela’s VBeam Vascular Pump Dye laser. Free of charge for those getting cosmetic treatments at Enhanced Image

C:  Collagen Rejuvenation: Laser collagen rejuvenation is something for everyone… all ages and all skin types. Candela’s GentleYag Nd: YAG laser. $275.  No downtime.

Colored Tattoos: Laser tattoo removal is now effective for all colors of tattoos on all skin types!  Candela’s Trivantage Laser. $275.  No downtime.

D: Birth Mark - Before Disfiguring Birthmarks:  Laser port wine stain treatment is an amazing gift to those that have been trying to hide birth marks. Candela’s VBeam Vascular pump dye laser.  $275. No downtime.

EEvery Skin Condition: Lasers can now treat just about every skin condition including psoriasis and warts! Ask your doctor regarding insurance coverage, but don’t be surprised if it is not covered by insurance yet.

Birth Mark - Before & After Laser Treatment
Birth Mark – Before & After Laser Treatment

F:  Fat: Smartlipo Laser Lipolysis has answered a lot of wishes for a treatment for those stubborn areas of fatty deposits without surgery. Cynosure Smartlipo laser. $2500 and up.


H:  Hair removal: Laser hair removal is permanent and painless compared to waxing and shaving discomfort. Candela’s Gentlelase Alexandrite laser for fairer skin types and Candela’s GentleYag Nd:YAG laser for darker skin types. Call for price according to size of area.


J:  Jowls: Thermage (radiofrequency) treatments for mild to moderate jowls and skin laxity offer a wonderful nonsurgical option for turning back time.


L:  Laser Treatments: Laser treatments for acne, brown spots, collagen, hair, large pores, Rosacea, stretch marks, tattoos, veins and wrinkles are also available and affordable now.


N:  Nose Hair: Laser hair removal is a permanent treatment of those pesky nasal hairs that protrude from your nostrils!

O: Oily Skin, Acne and Large Pores: All benefit from either laser acne treatment or laser collagen Rejuvenation. Either Candela’s VBeam Laser or Candela’s Gentleyag laser. $275. No downtime.

P:  Pores: Laser collagen rejuvenation and Laser peels reduce pore size. Candela’s VBeam Laser or Iridex Erbium Laser. $275

Q:  Q-switched Lasers are the best for Laser Tattoo removal and Candela’s Trivantage laser has 3 Q-switched wavelengths to be the best at removal of tattoos of all colors. $275.

R:  Rosacea: Rosacea or diffuse redness of the cheeks is very effectively treated with laser Rosacea treatment which targets the underlying broken and fragile blood vessels. Candela’s VBeam Vascular pump dye laser. $275.

S:  Stretch Marks: Laser stretch mark treatment is indeed the best way to treat these marks which occur due to pregnancy, exercise or sudden weight loss or weight gain. Candela’s VBeam vascular pump dye laser. $275.

Tatoo - Before Laser Treatment
Tatoo – Before Laser Treatment

T:  Tattoos: Laser tattoo removal is one way to delete the now unwanted tattoos of your past.  Candela’s Trivantage laser. $275.

U:  Unwanted acne scars, unwanted brown spots, unwanted hair, unwanted large pores, unwanted redness, unwanted stretch marks, unwanted tattoos, unwanted veins and unwanted wrinkles all can be erased with the magic of one of the many specialized lasers and laser treatments now available.

V:  Veins: Laser vein treatment works for spidery red and purple veins as well as green leg veins. Facial broken vessels on the cheeks or around the nose can also be treated. Even the green visible veins around the eyes and temples.  Candela’s Gentleyag Nd: YAG laser. $275.

Tatoo – After Laser Removal

W:  Wrinkles: Laser collagen rejuvenation or laser peels are both excellent treatments for erasing fine lines and softening deeper wrinkles.  Candela’s Gentleyag Nd: YAG laser or Iridex Erbium Laser. $275.





About Dr. Ritu Malhotra, MD

Dr. Ritu Malhotra is one of the nation's most experienced board certified facial plastic surgeons. In just under two decades she has performed nearly ( read more )

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